Senior Graphic Designer with PPT Skills

The Brand Floor is a Dutch advertising agency with a special touch....

We work for an impressive list of clients in various European countries and at the moment we are looking for an experienced Senior creative Graphic Designer with advanced PPT skills that can work for us on an average of 4−5 days per week at our studio in Hilversum or at our in-house studios.

The Brand Floor works via in-house studios. This means that we have our own studios inside the offices of our clients. 

The designer needs to be native Dutch and fluent in English. A good skill level of Adobe CC and especially Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop as well as online skills are very important! 

We are only (!) looking for creatives with at least 5 years experience for consumer and business to business brands. We are looking forward to impressive portfolios.

No Advanced Powerpoint skills? Than do not react!

Are you interested in meeting us?

Than send us a.s.a.p. an e-mail with your resumé and portfolio.